Cage Free With On Site Supervision, Serving Osage Beach, Lake of the Ozarks, and Mid Missouri.

Cage free dog boarding / kennels located just 2.5 miles from HyVee in Osage Beach Missouri, In the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks Missouri.

Do you ever wonder who really takes care of your dog(s) and how good of care they get when you drop them off?

Well, at Dogs Day Inn LLC, there is a 99% chance you will only be dealing with me. My name is Lu Harlan. I started this business in 2006 with a love for dogs and a dream to be the best boarding place around.

You ask… What makes Dogs Day Inn different? First of all, I listen to what is going on with the dogs 16-24 hours a day. If they are quiet at bedtime I leave the monitor on all night long. Recently one of my regular guests, which I know very well, was whining at 4 a.m. I woke up thinking maybe her belly was hurting so I got up and let her out. Then I let all of the rest of the dogs go out to potty. “You will not find this kind of service anywhere.”

There are only 10 rooms so your dog will get plenty of attention. It’s a lot like leaving the kids with Grandma. The rooms have windows so the dogs can see outside. The rooms are made of drywall and not kennel panels. These rooms are large enough for your whole pack to have room to move around.

I encourage the dogs to be quiet which makes a more enjoyable and less stressful visit. We have a “Quiet House” so, if there’s a non-stop barking dog that the rest of the dogs are tired of listening to, it can stay in the “Quiet House”. This way the rest of the dogs can have peace and quiet. The dogs are much less stressed in quiet environment.

The dogs get to go outside at least 8 times a day. This keeps the younger ones from being so bored, and the older ones from getting so stiff. Some like to stay out longer and some go potty and come right back to the door, I just listen to what they tell me.

You can rest assured your dog will have a fresh bowl of water at all times. They have plenty of chances to go potty so they can have as much water as they want.

I ask that you bring your own food, the State of Missouri requires plastic or metal containers. I don’t believe in changing their diet just to board them. Unless they are raw meat eaters. I’m sorry, but we do not allow raw meat. If you bring cooked meat or can fish that will be just fine. Any special diets will be no problem. (And no extra charge) Please check out our prices.

We have a very loyal customer base that knows how much effort I put into taking good care of their dogs. They are like walking/talking billboards. Check out the Dogs Day Inn Lcc Testimonials page.

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Your dog will have great time playing in the quieter, more peaceful, boarding environment provided by our facility at
Osage Beach, Lake Ozarks, Missouri