4th of July Not Always Dog Friendly

Dog BoardingThe 4th of July is a great holiday we all love. We get to cheer our freedom and our nation. It is full of parades, picnics, barbeques, and of course fireworks. While older kids and adults love to shoot off, or experience a good fireworks display, it is not always a dog’s favorite thing. Many are scare out of their wits by the noise. Dogs Day Inn LLC would like your loved one to have a safe and happy fourth of July.

While we have had dogs that don’t seem bothered at all by the noise, there are many more that get very stressed by the report or bang of fireworks. You need to make you dog feel safe and secure during this time. We have found some simple solutions that seem to help:

1. Keep your dog indoors as much as possible.
2. Put them in an interior room of your house.
3. Turn on a radio on or television, something they are used to hearing.
4. Visit them often to keep them relaxed.
5. Spend some quality time just petting your dog and letting them know you are there and love them.

Fireworks are not the only problem on such holidays, many times if your dog is not bothered by the noise you may decide to take them to a park, or public area where there are barbeques. Remember to keep your dog on a least with you even if you have the desire to let them run. Bones from cooked food can be a terrible hazard to a dog, and many times on holidays the trash barrels run over spilling contents onto the ground. Chicken bones as well as other bones can kill your beloved pet before you can get them to a veterinarian, and remember veterinarians like to enjoy the holiday and may have to come in on an emergency basis. So keep your dog safe and happy this 4th of July, and enjoy it as well.

Happy 4th of July from Dogs Day Inn LLC serving Osage Beach, Lake Ozarks, Eldon, and Mid Missouri.