So You Are Getting a New Puppy.


Dog Boarding  Here at Dogs Day Inn LLC  dog boarding located in the Lake of the Ozarks, and serving Osage Beach and Mid Missouri. We often get asked as a premier dog boarder, what should I do when I get my new puppy home. First off have your own vet look at the puppy and give it a good examination to make sure it is healthy and free from any problems, and they can set you up on a shot and preventative medicine schedule to keep your puppy healthy.

How to pick a Dog Groomer

Dog BoardingDogs Day Inn LLC we often get asked about who is a good dog groomer, or how do I pick a dog groomer. Often some Veterinarians offer dog grooming as well as boarding, but this is a secondary business to what their main business is which is healing of animals. Now some of the major pet shops offer dog grooming as well for a secondary market. So I prefer to choose a professional dog groomer with years of experience. While many dog grooming establishments may advertise about their years of experience this is not always the case for what groomer is taking care of your pet in a larger establishment.

Fleas Ticks And Our Wet August

Dog BoardingWith all the wet weather we have had here at the Lake of The Ozarks fleas and ticks have bee very bad this season. When boarding animals at dogs day in we want your pets to be flea and tick free. This helps eliminate the spread of them to our other pets, that are staying the night.

Fleas are wingless parasitic insects that live off the blood of other animals. fleas can carry diseases such as tape worms and Lyme disease. While tape worms are not transmitted by flea bites, they often carry the tapeworm eggs and as your pet bites to relieve the itching may ingest the flea with eggs and become infected.