Canine Bordetella

Dog Boarding Here at Dogs Day Inn LLC dog boarding we require your dog be vaccinated for the Bordetella virus.

We do so to protect your pet and all of our other boarders from this very contagious illness.

Bordetella is one of the causes of the canine upper respiratory disease, “kennel cough.” It is a bacterial infection of the respiratory system of dogs characterized by hard, honking cough that is inducible on tracheal palpation,. It is a very contagious airborne disease. Most cases appear after contact with other dogs in kennels, grooming parlors and other places where dogs congregate. The Incubation time for Bordetella infection can be as long as 2 weeks from exposure to the organism to the time signs develop.

With Bordetella infection there often will be some dogs that aren’t affected or not severely affected. Those unaffected dogs frequently have been exposed to Bordetella in the past or have been vaccinated. Occasionally dogs may develop pneumonia and become ill enough to require hospitalization.

Treatment consists of antibiotics and cough suppressants. Most dogs respond quickly to therapy, but some develop a chronic cough syndrome that may last for months.
The Bordetella vaccine is both intranasal or nose drops and as an injection administered annually.

Puppies are particularly susceptible, so this vaccine should be included in their regular vaccinations.

We want you dogs stay to be an enjoyable stay and you to rest assured your pet is getting the finest care from our cage free, dog happy environment.

A picture of the Bordetella virus.