So You Are Getting a New Puppy.


Dog Boarding  Here at Dogs Day Inn LLC  dog boarding located in the Lake of the Ozarks, and serving Osage Beach and Mid Missouri. We often get asked as a premier dog boarder, what should I do when I get my new puppy home. First off have your own vet look at the puppy and give it a good examination to make sure it is healthy and free from any problems, and they can set you up on a shot and preventative medicine schedule to keep your puppy healthy.

There are some very simple rules to remember from the beginning, and we won’t go into how you selected your puppy or new dog, whether it was a rescue, from a breeder, or the kind, all we can hope for is that you know having a dog is a large responsibility and takes time from your day. Hopefully you didn’t get a huge dog or small that is full of energy for an apartment or small place, and you have a busy schedule or you will be unhappy no fault of the puppy. The next thing to remember puppies are different just like people and what worked for one may not work for this one. Also they come untrained, they will have accidents on the floor, chew on things they should not and like any baby miss their mom and litter mates and cry all night long.

So what do you do. First off make a puppy safe area, to keep the puppy in while unattended, many pet stores have little fences for use in the home to boarder off an area. Don’t lock them in a bathroom when gone or they will tear up door trim and who knows what else trying to see out.

The old thing of a warm bottle of water and an old style wind up clock that ticks loud can keep them sleeping through the night. Well at least it works sometimes. Always walk the puppy and play with it before work and as much as you can before bed, try to have a routine, it will help. But remember they are a puppy don’t plan on a 10 mile hike or you will be carrying it home, because it can’t do that and watch the heat and very cold.

Now to the important stuff puppies need things to chew on and play with, KONG makes some great puppy toys and also offers a puppy hand book.  They have some great toys the BINKIE:

Dog Boarding The Puppy Binkie promotes proper chewing behavior. Specially designed for the teething puppy, the Puppy Binkie helps soothe sore gums. Fill the center of the Binkie with Stuff’N Puppy Easy Treat, SnackS or Ziggies. The KONG Activity Ball is the perfect toy for puppies with energy to burn. Fill the center of the Activity Ball with KONG Puppy Easy Treat paste, Snacks or Ziggies and watch the fun begin. The treat-dispensing feature keeps puppies entertained while enhancing their intellectual development.These are just of the few great toys KONG makes for your puppy.

You can get these and a new puppy kit at our friends at Just For Dogs and Cats located:
Osage Beach Premium Outlet Mall
540 Hwy 54 – Suite CC3
Osage Beach, MO 65065