Pet Jerky Treat Makers Blamed for Dog Deaths

Dog BoardingNestlie Purina PetCare Co. and Wagging Train LLC makers of Dog jerky treats have reached a settlement with dog owners, whose dogs died after eating chicken and other Jerky treats made in China. They have agreed to create a $6.5 Million fund to compensate dog owners who believe their dogs have died after eating the treats.
This comes after reports from the food and drug administration officials warned that pet treats mostly from China had been linked to 1000 deaths in dogs , and they had more than 4800 complaints, and that they had caused illness in three people who ate the treats.

Last week PetSmart and Petco announced they would no longer sell Jerky Treats made in China.

This is a short description to warn dog owners to look for and be careful of these treats. We commend PetSmart and Petco for doing the right thing and no longer selling them.

You can read the 158 page agreement at

We at Dogs Day Inn LLC Dog Boarding want your pets to be healthy and happy at all times, please take care of when feeding a pet treat made from meat and other natural products, they can be spoiled or tainted when the product is made and we as dog owners may not find out until our loved one is sick. With all natural products talk to other dog owners and Pet shops, and veterinarians to find out where the product is made and if they know of any that seem to make dogs ill.

We all want to give our dogs treats but you maybe best off to find a local maker, or use and stick to one brand that your pet likes and has no issues with. I cannot imagine the feeling of losing a pet after giving it treats, to make it happy.