How to pick a Dog Groomer

Dog BoardingDogs Day Inn LLC we often get asked about who is a good dog groomer, or how do I pick a dog groomer. Often some Veterinarians offer dog grooming as well as boarding, but this is a secondary business to what their main business is which is healing of animals. Now some of the major pet shops offer dog grooming as well for a secondary market. So I prefer to choose a professional dog groomer with years of experience. While many dog grooming establishments may advertise about their years of experience this is not always the case for what groomer is taking care of your pet in a larger establishment.

So I ask my dog boarding customers who they use and how satisfied they are with their dog groomer, there is nothing better than word of mouth experiences to help you find one. Then take the time to call the groomer and ask if you can come for a visit. You need to look for things like is the place neat and clean, are dog or cat cages, large enough and isolated enough to keep your pet safe. In smaller companies they may make just a single appointment at a time. You need to find out how they operate so your pet is always safe.
Does the company let you talk to the person that would be grooming your dog, and if so you might as how long they have been doing it, and what if any instruction they have had. Small companies the owner is the groomer so you often get one on one attention but that is not saying this is your best choice. Ask if a pet gets injured which can easily happen, as many animals are afraid of being in someplace different, the noise of clippers, or scissors, and being handled by a stranger. Make sure plan to handle such problems and remember dogs and cats don’t just sit to get a haircut; nails clipped, or even a bath.

If you have decided on a groomer always let them know what you expect from them they cannot read your mind, if you’re not sure what kind of a haircut, often times a good groomer can make recommendations. Also tell you groomer about any issues your pet may have with being touched in certain spots, or if the may try to bite, or some other behavior it is your duty to help protect the dog groomer from injury, just as it is for them to try not to injure your pet.
If you make an appointment do your best to keep it because this is time carved out of their day for your pet, and it cannot easily be filled and results in a loss of revenue for the groomer. Too much of this you will be looking for a new dog groomer. Be on time and pick your pet up on time, make sure you let the groomer know if they are running behind to call you so you are not sitting and waiting.

Then Tip the groomer well, yes you are paying them for a job but you tip your hair stylist or barber and for a job well done a few extra dollars will make them remember you as a good client.
Finally and most important once you have found a great dog groomer, then share it with your fellow pet owners, they may be looking for one too.
At Dogs Day Inn LLC its important your dog is free of fleas, and so it is with a groomer, if you are having a flea problem talk to the owner before bringing in your pet, they may opt to help you with resolving this by dipping or shampooing your pet, while taking precautions not to spread fleas into their work area.
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